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Why Choose Us?

CMG³Technologies is a one stop shop for all your IT needs. No matter the size of your company or the scale of your request there is no problem we cannot solve. We specialize in improving existing environments. There is no obstacle too profound. We are equipped to build new infrastructures to spec and maintain them afterward, if requested. We understand how daunting technical problems can be. Whether you need something new or something is broken… Let us minimize the headache and improve your processes too. Our computer engineers are ready to make your life easier. Contact us for further details and a copy of our schedule of fees.


Our team is comprised of high-quality driven IT nerds who get excited about solving new issues. Many of us branched off from previous employment for the chance of variety in our daily problem solving. We invite your many IT stresses because IT solutions is our therapy. We all have an extensive background in different areas. Depending the clients’ needs only certain members of the team are contracted. We align skilled IT team members based on clients’ need; which creates a strategic partnership that is essential in your company’s success.


Allow us the opportunity lighten your current load while improving your current services. We can maintain your servers, applications, databases, and processes remotely and efficiently. Our promise is resolutions within 24-48 hours for Tier 1 IT requests. Complete infrastructural renovations can be completed in 3-6 months. Services are available under contract. Exceptions are made at an hourly rate, typically for virtual events. If your business goal is autonomy; our “Start up only” option is available when continued maintenance is not required. We are happy to train your existing staff to maintain your new automated processes. We are always available to troubleshoot your needs if anything goes amiss.